Sunday, July 3, 2011

Calorie Restricted Diets - Good or No Good?

Calorie Restricted Diets have helped many to lose weight. But there is an argument that "You're just going to put all the fat back on... "

My friend Brad Pilon has recently written an article on this topic. I like his points and would very much like to share with you.

"Calorie restricted diets are pointless because they are hard to maintain and you just end up putting the fat back on once you stop the diet"

I have NEVER understood this argument against dieting.

To me, it's just a back handed compliment:

"Sure, you're losing tons of fat now and you look great, but as soon as you stop dieting and start eating like the rest of us again your just going to gain all that fat back! "

Funny how you never hear anyone say:

"Really effective weight training programs are pointless because they are hard to maintain and you just end up losing all the muscle when you go back to being sedentary"


"Getting out of debt is pointless because it's really, really hard, and once you go off your budget and start spending like crazy, you just end up in debt again!"

To me, this is just the arguments made by the defeated, the lazy and the jealous.

My advice? Ignore these arguments, and stay the course.

Eat less, move more, fast once or twice a week, ignore the naysayers. That's the approach people who transformed their bodies using Eat Stop Eat followed, and it will work for you too.

Your friend,


Eat Stop Eat

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