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Best Time to Workout

If you want to find out the best time to workout, this article may help.

Good and informative fitness articles are not easy to find. Mike O’Donnell’s blog is one among the rare blogs that contain original content articles. Mike is a professional personal trainer. His articles are insightful and inspirational which I always enjoy reading. Recently I read his article “What is the best time to workout” which I really want to share with you.

I always emphasis the benefits of exercising in a "fasted state" and encourage doing morning exercises. However after reading Mike’s article, I have changed my views about when and how to do workout.

Below are a few highlights from Mike’s article.

By Mike O’Donnell: In the past I have talked about the advantages of working out in a “fasted state”, which can easily be done first thing in the morning. However early in the morning is not the only time, as a “fasted” state (or the lowered insulin levels) can also happen hours after your most recent meal.

So it is possible to still workout later in the day and reap the benefits, assuming you didn’t eat too soon before your workout.

… it’s how your nervous system (and adaptions it makes) that determines your real strength and performance outputs for a workout during the day.

…So the answer to the best time to workout is based on when you feel optimal to do an intense workout. When is your body and nervous system working at peak capacity?

For me, that means later in the day. I feel stronger, flexible (less chance of injury), focused and my workouts are just more intense/productive.

But for another person, that optimal time may be first thing in the morning.

So whatever time of day you feel “optimal” for maximizing your workout efforts, that is probably the best time for you.

Consistency Matters Too
The other major factor to look at is if you will also stay consistent with the workouts. Doing an intense exercise program for 4 weeks a year isn’t going to get the results you are after.

Now doing some simple workouts consistently year round, now we are talking. Simple daily habits that add up for lasting results.

This can depend on your daily schedule (work, personal) and other things you have going on. Some people like getting it out of the way first thing in the morning before work and the day gets too busy, others rather would do it right after work before going home to wind down for the night.

Wrapping Up
So really it is just a simple equation to try and maximize your performance/ strength output while also making sure you stay consistent with your workouts.

Don’t worry about whether you can or can not get a workout first thing in the morning (esp with IF), as for some it may be more effective later on in the day. You can always get that “fasted” state by just having a long period of time (2-3 hours for example) between your workout and the last time you ate.

So just go with what best compliments your daily lifestyle! You can always change it up as you go along…but the goal is to just get started and keep going!

Click here to view the full article: What is The Best Time to Workout

By Anna Fasting: In terms of consistency, I must grant myself a distinction - simple workouts consistently year round plus simple daily habits. Due to office relocation, my lunch-hour swimming may not be possible but I just switch it to before or after work together with some simply calisthenics daily. No matter what, if you are determined to workout everyday for the benefit of your health, I’m sure you can find time to do it.

Back to Mike’s blog, I really appreciate his knowledge and passion in helping others to keep fit. He also answers email promptly. He is certainly one of my most respected figures in the fitness field. If you wish to take a look, here is Mike’s blog.

My simple daily calisthenics ideas come from this book Workout Without Weights.

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Intermittent Fasting Success - Best Time To Workout

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