Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Short Term Fasting Works Well For Women

There are many weight loss programs out there but men and women may not experience the same results.  Some programs work better for women such as short term fasting.  In the first instance, let’s don’t be afraid of the word ‘fasting’, as we are not talking about fasting for a day or a week.  It is a matter of extending the time in between meals which won’t be a big deal to most people.
When man and woman get married and moved in together, both living busy lives, eating out is kind of unavoidable, may be 2 or 3 times a week.  At home they may cook relatively healthy meals and generally eat breakfast and dinner together.
This somewhat normal life in time will make a difference between man and woman in their body weight.
After a few years of marriage, most men may remain similar in weight but women may put up 15% or even more in weight. Why does this happen?
Something wrong with the metabolism?  Stress at work? Pregnancy? Or rare hormonal disorder?
Well, women usually put on weight because of eating too much.
More specifically, wives put on weight because they eat the same amount of their husbands
They are eating almost everything in the same size servings.
When they would go to the restaurant and order the same meal, men didn’t get the ‘Big Guy’ serving size, while women got the ‘slim girl’ serving size…both plates looked identical.
When husband made them healthy omelets, he didn’t make one for himself then a half an omelet for the wife, he simply made two omelets.
This is the plight of women. 
Most serving sizes in restaurants are too big for the average man, let alone a woman who is 4 inches shorter and 40-60 pounds lighter.
And, for the most part, when eating at home people usually don’t ‘downsize’ the portion sizes for the smaller person.
Even if we tried, we generally end up at some middle ground that is still a little too much for an average sized woman. Let say a man stands 6’2” weights 200 lbs and his wife stands 5’6” weights 135 lbs, both eating the same amount of food day in and day out.  The weight problem will bother the woman much faster than man.
This is why short term fasting works so well for so many women. It gives them a chance to play a little catch up. Or more correctly to play a little ‘fall behind’.  Allow an extended gap in between meals, such as 12 hours or 18 hours, once or twice a week.  In fact there are many variations in doing short term fasting and that women can try and work out a way to tie in to their life styles.
Short term fasting allows woman to eat at a restaurant without having to leave 1/3 of their food on the plate.
When eating at home with their family, they don’t need to cut their chicken breast in half and giving it to the dog.
It is a dietary custom/portion size equalizer.  If you want to find out more about short term fasting, there is an ebook called Eat Stop Eat fully focused on the topic.  

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  1. Received this comment via email.

    I tried to comment on your blog, but I couldn't so I thought I would send it to you in an email. :)

    I'm so glad to hear this is still working for you. I lost 40 pounds after first finding your blog. I had a 6 hour or so eating window most days which usually consisted of a hearty dinner and small snack. I was also careful to eat a LOT of vegetables and no bread or pasta. I never counted a single calorie or gram of anything! My severe acne went away completely, and I felt incredible. Unfortunately, after reading some articles about the dangers of fasting for women, I stopped fasting and eventually went 100% back to my old ways (it's easy to fall into old bad habits). My skin is again terrible, I've gained weight, and I realize that for ME fasting is what is best for MY BODY. I'm back on IF and feeling great. It really does feel very natural for me to eat this way, and I can't believe I ever questioned my own body. Thank you so much for all you do! I was ecstatic to find your blog again and see that you are still doing well on IF.

    Jill J


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