Monday, January 25, 2010

My 24-Hour Diary of Intermittent Fasting

Have you ever tried or heard of a 24-hour fasting concept? This is what we call intermittent fasting (IF). I have been having this ‘eat once every 24 hour’ lifestyle for the past four years and have been doing well.

You may wonder how my life is and how I can survive by eating only one meal a day. My life is actually extremely hectic. Once I’m at my office, I keep multi-tasking through end of the day. A little background on myself – I have been in the executive search business for the past 11 years.

Here is a report on one of my typical working days while practicing intermittent fasting.

08:00 Wake up and a brief visit to the bathroom. I don’t need an alarm clock, because the sun and my body logic wake me up naturally on time.

08:05 Calisthenics at home for 20 minutes

08:25 Prepare to go to work

09:00 Arrive into the office. Make a cup of tea at the pantry – no solid food. Check email and take actions accordingly. There is one email which will keep me busy for the rest of the day. My boss has agreed with a client that a candidate will fly tonight from the Philippines into Hong Kong to do interviews tomorrow. I have to make things happen logistically. Of course this will override my other projects due to its urgency.

12:00 Swim at the Island Shangri-La pool for 30 minutes as this pool is just opposite to my office.

13:30 Arrive into the office, feeling groomed and energetic as to continue with my heavy workload. Make a cup of tea at the pantry – no solid food. Multi-tasking: Audio typed two reports which my boss dictated in the morning. Each of these 11-page reports have to be completed and approved by him and forwarded to client before end of the day. I have to wear two headsets as to interchange between my audio typing and phone calls, and at the same time watching out the email pop up window to monitor the progress of my Filipino project. Though I look like a fossil while doing audio-typing, but my mind is completely alert of things happening around me.

18:00 Make sure the meeting schedule, e-ticket/hotel booking reached the Filipino candidate before he shut down his computer and head off to the airport.

19:00 Make sure my two 11-page reports were approved by the boss, proof read, formatted properly and forwarded to client. Before I go home, I have to make sure all meeting schedules and documents that I completed today are properly log into the database.

20:00 Go home. I live nearby my office. I usually walk home and eat on the way. As this is the only time I eat in a day, I will look for a reasonably nice restaurant where I can sit down and enjoy a meal relaxed and peacefully. I have no restriction on the type of food, but generally a set dinner.

21:30 Evening activities at home. Multi-tasking among watching TV, taking phone calls, checking emails and updating my blogs. Click here for details.

00:00 – 08:00 Sleep

You may notice I go do swimming during lunch hour without eating before and after. In fact I have been doing this since 2006. Yes, I don't need to constantly eat to have energy. The beauty of intermittent fasting is not only to help lose weight in the short term, but it is a long term lasting way to help me stay fit and healthy. Read more about my current health condition.

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