Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Fasting Diet – Just Eat As Normal

Talking about my fasting diet, I have been targeting one meal a day, since I started my intermittent fasting program in 2006. Of course this is a personal rule, not a law. It doesn’t matter if I break it. In fact, I eat as normal as anybody. What you would consider abnormal is I eat once every 24 hours. Then you may wonder what I eat. True, this is what my colleagues, friends and acquaintances all curious about.

Now here is the answer. Check my food blog, as it is a record of what I eat. I’ve taken all these photos from my dining table. Make sure to check the post of ‘Why I Set Up This Blog’.

In a nutshell, my fasting diet could be as simple as this.

I always have some porcini and sun dried tomatoes in my kitchen
to prepare a simple meal for myself.

And it could be as sophisticated as this when I attend social gatherings.

Amount of Food
When I attended my company’s annual dinner, I had shocked my colleagues by the way I eat. Many a time people asked me ‘Anna, do you really don’t eat? I notice you’ve eaten a lot!’ Yes, I do eat a lot. As someone who eats one meal a day, I do respect each meal and enjoy. I just eat freely and eat everything that I love to eat.

Type of Food
Regarding my fasting diet, I am going to upset many dietitians as I don’t care about the food pyramid. In Hong Kong, TV commercials tell us to drink eight cups of water a day, and for ladies two cups of milk in addition. Ten cups of liquid a day! What if I love a cup of tea, coffee or juice? 13 cups of liquid a day? No way. I never meet this target but I never feel myself dehydrated. I am at the maximum six cups of liquid combining all kinds of drinks, and I’m fine.

There is however a mini rule that I always stick to. I stay away from something that is high in cholesterol and extremely oily. And for personal reason I will minimize the consumption of potato sort of food and carbonated drinks as these will create gas in my stomach making me feeling uneasy.

Do you have any questions about my fasting diet? Feel free to ask me, I’ll be happy to share my experience.

You can eat as normal while stay fit and healthy, why don’t you going on a trial intermittent fasting?

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