Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Daily Calisthenics Routine

I start my day by 20 minutes of calisthenics over the past 20+ years. Just to reiterate, this has critically improved my health condition. Because of this I have been spreading this message and many people copied the idea came back with positive feedback. Now let me practically talk about what I actually do in those 20 minutes.

To start with, my doctor suggested same-spot jogging. That was the easiest. Once I got off the bed I could start doing it even with my pajamas. But that was absolutely boring. I then bought a twist board. I even went on some Chinese kung fu classes to learn about some Shaolin basic breathing exercises. Throughout the years, I kept changing and tried to give myself some new exercises to do. Until later in my life, my neck and shoulder pain began, my physiotherapist designed some exercises for me which I incorporated into my morning 20 minutes. These occupy about 10 minutes but I still need something to do for the other 10 minutes.

Frankly I am not quite creative in thinking of what kind of calisthenics to do. So I start to look for help. During an internet search, I come across an ebook called Workout Without Weights. It is all about a Progression System over 190 detailed exercise descriptions with over 250 classified into Upper Body, Trunk and Lower Body exercises and sub categorized into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. No matter what, I’m always on the basic category – due to my neck and shoulder pain and foot problem, I try not to over exercise myself. Doing those exercises on rotation, I save a lot of effort in figuring out what to do every morning.

However I realize I haven’t made full use of the book. The book was actually written to help you setting up your progressive plan for fat burning, weight loss and muscle building. The beauty of such plan is that you can do every exercise at home without any equipment, saving money on expensive gym memberships and sports wears. All that is required is 20 to 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Trust if I have made full use of the book, I should look and feel much better than now.

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