Monday, January 2, 2012

Fasting Books

Want to read a fasting book to start a healthy weight loss program in the New Year? When it comes to fasting books it feels like a wide range of fasting methods are being covered. Each book has it’s own special take on how we should be fasting and how long we should be fasting.

To help you go on healthy fasting, here is my list of the top best fasting books.

Eat Stop Eat (Brad Pilon)
eBook available at ClickBank

If you can do one meal a day for twice a week, this will be your perfect guide book to help you kick start your intermittent fasting program. If you are interested in the scientific research behind the use of intermittent fasting for weight loss then you should find this book to be both up to date and accurate.

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional. His graduate studies were about nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss. Click here to check out Eat Stop Eat

2 Meal Solution (Mike O’Donnell)
eBook available at ClickBank

Mike, as a Certified Personal Trainer/Health and Fitness Coach, has been one of the pioneers talking about intermittent fasting (IF). This book helps you gain back control over food choices and finally build a simple lifestyle for long term weight management. A perfect guide for beginners. Click here to check out 2 Meal Solution

Master Cleanse Secrets (Raylen Sterling)
eBook available at Clickbank

Unlike many fad diets of today, the Master Cleanse has survived the test of time for over 60 years. Celebrities and nutrition gurus alike are raving over the immense health benefits and spectacular body transformations that this diet offers. It’s good but not easy. You need to learn about the tricks and tips in order to make it through the 10-day program. Check out the
Master Cleanse Secrets before kicking start.

Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great : The Fastest Way to Restore Your Health (Steve Meyerowitz, Beth Robbins, Michael Parman)
Available at Amazon

This book covers comprehensively about how to do juice fasting with raw fruits and vegetables while maintaining a nearly normal work and living schedule. It includes juice recipes, detoxification techniques, exercises, weight loss, water fasting and how to break a fast safely. Truly a must read if you want to go on juice fasting. Click here to view
Juice Fasting and Detoxification

A Study of Prolonged Fasting (Francis Gano Benedict)
Available at Amazon

Fasting has been around for thousands of year. It is only during the last hundred years or so, the subject of fasting has undergone close experimental and scientific scrutiny which was probably initiated by the famous physiologist, Dr. Francis Gano Benedict. His book, A Study Of Prolonged Fasting published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington in 1915, is well worth close perusal today. This is a scarce antiquarian, rare and hard-to-find book with something of interest for everyone! Click here to view
A study of prolonged fasting

Fasting Books


  1. Hi Anna!

    I also want to start "eating one meal a day". I just started this three days ago, eating only dinner. But for some reason, my stomach hurts too much disabling me to eat two or even one bite....

    How were you able to transition to eating once a day?

    Also how many calories do you eat in that one meal?

  2. Hi, if you are a beginner, eating one meal a day everyday may be difficult. Try to do it twice a week or whenever you feel comfortable. I didn't have much difficulties druing transition as I had been terribly overloading my stomach for many years. Fasting allows my whole body and stomach to rest and made me feel much much better. As for my one meal, I never count calories, but it's just any normal meal.

  3. Yeah, you're probably right, I may be transitioning a bit too quickly, since my body has been used to eating many meals throughout the day.

    I'm trying to overcome my compulsive binge disorder and i think this is the best way to fix it.

    So is that one meal large? small? or normal?

    And from the looks of your food blog, you definitely aren't restricting anything. But do you actually eat all of that (the plates of foods you took pictures of)??

  4. Good question. You're really go through my blogs. Trust you are very committed to weight loss. My one meals are usually normal, unless I'm doing festival or celebration. But after that, couple of fasting will bring me back to normal. Re my food blog, I eat anything except human and 99.9% of the photos are taken from my dining table. ie. I actaully eat them.


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