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My One Meal Menu

My One Meal Menu

Some of the FAQs I received from my readers are: What do you eat in that one meal? What calories, what kind of food and what portion size and did you eat all those foods being recorded in your food blog? Well I’m going to answer all these questions together.

I have a food blog and a fasting blog. These two blogs seem conflicting, but they aren’t. Though one is about eating and the other about fasting, they are related. Today I’m going to use some of the old photos from my food blog to answer the above questions. To answer one of the FAQs: 99% of the food photos were taken from my dining table, so I actually ate the foods.

My meal frequency is somewhat famine style - generally one meal a day, sometimes no food for a day or two. Don’t assume that my one meal is a great super size one. Although sometimes I do binge, at company events or family/festival gatherings, I eat normal portion meals most of the time. Calories, food group…I don't care!

Different people may have different standard of a normal meal. Professional athletes’ normal meal size may be much larger than mine. So let see the normal meal size of a female headhunter.

My Normal One Meal Dinner – Home Cooking

I enjoy eating at home. This is the time when I can sit down, relax and enjoy food. I may have mentioned this before – food become more tasteful after I practice fasting. And some readers also reported that they eat more respectfully after practicing fasting.

Here is couple of examples to demonstrate my normal portion dinner. Simply click on the links to view the original articles from my food blog.

Green Risotto - Hong Kong Style * My Home-Made Vegetarian Pasta My Normal One Meal Lunch – Economy
Although my one meal is usually dinner, I do eat lunch in some occasions, especially over the weekend when I don’t need to rush for time. Here are some examples of economy normal portions of my normal lunch. Super Value Tea Set * My Vegetarian Lunch Box * Classic Dim Sums

My Normal One Meal – Luxury
In some occasions, I do lunch in a slightly luxury way such as going on an outing and enjoy a holiday seafood lunch. It is luxury in terms of money, but very normal in terms of meal size even it is a 4-course one. Lamma Island Seafood Outing

My Over-sized One Meal
There are occasions that I eat a lot. Over a banquet, I never want to single out myself. So I eat a lot. However I do have a rule that I won’t do two big meals in a day. If that happens, I’ll try to make excuse to one of them. If both meals are unavoidable…mmmm….that’s a very difficult day for me. I usually have to go on a 30-hour fasting after that. In my experience, fasting is a very good remedy for binge eating. Though I sometimes binge over long weekends or holidays, a day or two’s fasting will enable speedy recovery. Here is a blog post to demonstrate how big my one meal could be – an 8-course banquet plus rice/noodle, desserts and fruits. Cantonese Festival Dinner


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