Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bookend this Long Weekend for Weight Loss

July 1st and July 4th are the Canadian and American big time long weekend kick offs for the the summer. And there is also some big time eating that goes on during these weekends.

BBQ steak, burgers, ribs, sausages, chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, grilled veggies, beer (or whatever your beverage of choice might be)...and that's not even mentioning the desserts.

No doubt there will be some serious eating going on, and some serious OVER eating. So how do you enjoy all the great food during a long weekend and still come out the other side without gaining and fat?

I've found the easiest answer is to 'bookend' the weekend with the principles found in Eat Stop Eat.

By using the techniques in Eat Stop Eat to prepare for the weekend you can eat all the great foods that will be cooking during your long weekend feast without the guilt or the extra bodyfat that usually comes with these kind of events.

Get Your Copy of Eat Stop Eat today

Use Eat Stop Eat again the day after the weekend to get back on track for the following week and you might even LOSE weight when it's all said and done. This is the 'bookend technique' that many other Eat Stop Eaters have adopted and used with great success to get through holiday weekends without gaining weight.

Eat Stop Eat is the easiest and quickest way to prepare for and erase any potential fat gain from a long weekend eating extravaganza.

Get your copy of Eat Stop Eat today and be prepared for the upcoming long weekend.

It's the perfect way to get rid of guilt AND fat at the same time.


PS: For additional information, read my previous post on My Crazy Fasting Lifestyle and see how I ate madly over the Easter long weekend and resumed normal weight in two days.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Juice Fasting - I lost One Pound Per Day

My fasting journey started with one week of juice fasting. The way I did it was to replace lunch and dinner with a cup of fresh juice. I drank water for the rest of the day. The process lasted six days and I lost six pounds.

As juice fasting is concerned, I have two basic rules:
1. Go for fresh juice, NOT bottled juices.
2. Change of colour in terms of fruit choices.

Well, I don’t have to emphasis why fresh juice is better than bottled ones. You should know the answer to this. But isn’t it possible to make fresh juices at the office? Yes. I have a little device which I can take to the office and made fresh juice for me.

This little juice extractor is cheap and portable. But the disadvantage is that it is only cater for orange, grapefruit or lemon kind of fruits. So when I go home, I’ll use my home juice extractor to make other kind of juices.

Regarding the type of fruits, I’m not a nutritionist but believe all kinds of fresh fruits are good for health. So I have developed my second rule as to change the fruit colours. Juice fasting could be a little boring if you stick to one kind of fruit. To have a change in taste and vitamins, change of fruit colour is the simplest solution. Kiwi, watermelon, mango and so on.

In fact, when I eat these fruits on a regular day, I didn’t find them to be so delicious. However during my juice fasting period, they all became very yummy.

As I have been doing periodic juice fasting in these years, I have bought a ebook called Ejuice which gives me creative ideas of juice recipes.

If you have no previous fasting experience, you may find the first two days difficult. And that was my experience too. But I must say the psychological side weighted more than the physical side. In fact, my strongest motivation was HEALTH. As far as I don’t want to put up with my unhealthy life anymore, fasting becomes easy.

Intermittent Fasting - Juice Fasting

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 Great Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Is A Good Idea!

You may not have heard of intermittent fasting, and so you may not know why it can and should be a part of your workout and fat loss plan.

Intermittent fasting is the practice of abstaining from all but water for a period of usually 24 hours to help with the goals associated with fat loss and weight loss in general. The way in which it helps in this arena is by cutting out a full days caloric intake, while still being able to maintain a full workout schedule. Let’s look at three main reasons I believe that intermittent fasting is a good idea for anyone serious about fat loss and muscle building!

The primary reason I’m fond of a workout plan that involves intermittent fasting is that it promotes maximum fat loss. Most people employ these types of fasts two days a week while working out, and this means they are effectively cutting out a full two days caloric intake from their weekly consumption. This combined with your workout can and does have a dramatic effect on the pace at which you lose excess fat. By working out while doing these fasts, you are attacking your goals with a two-edged sword, slashing it from both ends of the spectrum.

The second reason would be that this type of fasting allows you to maintain a moderate to intense workout load while still maintaining your energy and metabolism. Many people think that fasting drains both of these aspects, and while that is true for other, particularly longer fasts, for intermittent fasting the opposite has proven to be the case. You often have more energy and a higher metabolism while engaged in this type of fasting, making it the best of both worlds. Many other fasts are so debilitating that you are left at the end of the day so drained you are unable to do anything. Intermittent fasting is not like that at all.

The third reason why I believe intermittent fasting is a good practice to include in your workout plan is that it has beneficial aspects to it that are a little less easy to see, but of great benefit all the same. There is a cleansing of your system that takes place with any fast, as your body adjusts to less content being put into it. There are also undeniable psychological benefits, such as a very affirming sense of accomplishment that can help you in many areas of your life. Knowing that you are not a slave to food is a major part of that.

I’m a firm advocate of intermittent fasting as a way of enhancing your fat loss and workout routines. There is in my mind no faster way of getting maximum fat loss while still being able to handle a full workout load. Investigate it today. I think you might be surprised at the results you’ll come up with!

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