Friday, September 3, 2010

My Fasting Windows

Some readers ask me about my fasting windows. Regarding my eating schedule, I have a diary which records every single details. As someone who eats one meal a day, what to eat, where to eat and with whom to eat are very important to me.

Back to my fasting windows. I have recently draw up a table to compare my eating schedule with two of the mainstream intermittent fasting pattern.

ADF (alternate day fasting) - you know what it means, simply eat every other day. This may suit people who enjoy disciplined life.

IF (intermittent fasting) - one meal a day mode - is my preferred option. But as a matter of fact, I've done this in a flexible way.

Anna - I just pick any week in my diary which records three sessions of 24-hour fasting, two of 16-hours and one of 40-hours.

The big picture is: keep at least two 24-hour fasting windows in a week. That's it. Make it simple and flexible. Never fix a day and do it on an unplanned and natural manner. If you keep your eating schedule too rigid, you will have no fun, and somehow will affect your social life.

Anna's Thought Today:

Make fun by fasting, enjoy eating while losing weight!

Intermittent Fasting Success Report

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  1. Thanks for this fasting window. Really gives my a structure to go by.


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