Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fasting to Overcome My 17-year Digestive Problems

Why 17 years? This is the question I have been asking myself. Intermittent fasting cured my pain, but why waited so long to kick off?

My Fasting History
At the beginning when I felt unable to eat, I thought I might be having some serious illness. I went on body checks, seeing gastroenterology specialists, doing stomach endoscopy, seeing dietitians and whoever I thought could give me a hand. After all, I was confirmed to have no ulcer, no cancer and nothing had noticeably gone wrong. I have therefore diagnosed myself as digestive problems due to slow metabolism.

This process was a little lengthy but well worth. I suggest you do the same to rule out any potential illness before initiating any nutritional program. But DON’T do the same as to wait for 17 years to take action. I suggest your starting a fasting program immediately after confirming that yours is simply a matter of digestive problems.

I didn’t take action to cure my indigestion pain because I love eating. Every morning when the sun rises, when I’m still in bed, the first thing come to my mind is ‘what to eat today’. I just don’t want to give up eating though at some stage I realize fasting is my ultimate rescuer. I just can’t imagine how I survived through these 17 painful years.

In March 2006, my tummy was like a blown up balloon. If you take a look at my pre-fasting photos, I just looked like a pregnant woman. One evening after a social dinner which I really didn’t want to go because my stomach was just was about to explode. After dinner, I couldn’t explain how uneasy I was feeling. I told myself “Anna, it’s time to do something”. So I took a photo for myself and kicked off my juice fasting the following day.

Why Juice Fasting?
I went for juice fasting rather than water fasting because juice offered me sweetness, vitamin and glucose. I replaced my lunch and dinner with a cup of juice and drank water through rest of the day.

More information about juice fasting: How to keep slim, healthy and young with juice fasting

Why Six Days?
I’ve heard people went through a 21-day water fasting. But I won’t ask you to do that because I personally don’t have that experience. I would say a one-week juice fasting is good enough to correct any indigestion problem. It doesn’t matter its 5, 6 or 7 days. I gave up at the end of the 6th day and ate some congee the next day just to give my body a grace period to resume solid food.

My Fasting Week – Feeling Great
Actually throughout my juice fasting week, I have been doing my morning and midday calisthenics as usually. Except I was feeling a little tired (psychologically only) for the first two days, I had never felt that great in the past 17 years. My fat belly shed six pounds after the six days of juice fasting, i.e. one pound per day. This amazing result gave me duo benefits of relieving fullness pain and weight loss. The miracle feeling told me that “Anna, you DO NOT need to eat that often to maintain your energy level”.

My Fasting Years - Re-arranging Eating Schedule
Since the third week of March 2006, I have re-arranged my eating schedule to once a day. I have continued with this intermittent fasting program through now and have been feeling great, as I don’t have to carry on a big fat tummy everyday. I have decided to stay that great for the rest of my life.

Why Intermittent Fasting Success Report?
To reiterate, this blog is to tell the world the benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting. I just want to alert more people that they can relieve their digestive problems and stay healthy like what I did.

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Anna's Fasting History
Intermittent Fasting Success Report