Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Health and Fitness Rules - Eating

I’m one among the few individuals who manage to lose weight and keep it off. Want to know how I do it? Here are some of my health and fitness rules.

These are my personal rules that you don’t have to follow. However if you do, you’re sure to benefit in one way or another.

Let me start with my eating rules.

1. Eat Less
When I eat less, I feel better. Foods taste better, I feel happier and less worried. You may already know that eating less can help
reduce risks of cancers and diseases.

2. Eat Fresh and Natural
I drink orange juice from a real fresh orange. No bottled or canned orange juice. I’m sure you see what I mean. I don’t take supplements. That’s right. Reading through my blog, you won’t see me recommending any supplements. Fancl House, GNC…no way to make money from me.

If you eat a variety of real fresh good foods, your need for supplements is close to none. And I’m not alone. In fact, overdosing on supplements/antioxidants may take your health in the wrong direction.

3. Eat Less in an Enjoyable Way
I successfully lose weight and stay fit by eating less. More importantly, that’s the way I enjoy. I suggest your finding a sustainable and “enjoyable” way of eating less. That way you will stick with it because you enjoy it.

If you want to learn how to eat less in an enjoyable way, here are the two books I recommend: 2 Meal Solution and Eat Stop Eat.

4. Learn to Cook
The more you cook for yourself, the healthier you eat. Do learn to cook and teach your kids to cook as well. No time? Do you have time to date your boy friend or girl friend? Why not cook together? Share the fun of cooking with people you love and eat healthier.

5. Make My Own Dressing
Eating salad is healthy, isn’t it? But don’t forget the dressing which makes you fat. I start making my own dressing after reading this article -
The Salad Dressing To NEVER Eat. It’s quick and easy, however delicious and healthy, and I’m never tired of it.

Finally I suggest everyone read The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet if you seriously want to know “what to eat”. You don’t have to agree with it all…but at least it gives great insight into food and your health.

These are my health and fitness rules in terms of eating. I’ll continue with my workout rules.

I wish you eat well!

Intermittent Fasting Success Report - Health and Fitness Rules

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