Monday, August 15, 2011

5-day Mini Master Cleanse

I have just completed a 5-day mini master cleanse. Here is a summary of my story.

I feel I need a spiritual renewal plus some cleansing and detoxification. I know I’m going to lose weight but I don’t have much weight to lose, so I decide to cut the standard period of 10 days by half.

Although the actual fast lasted 5 days, I started to cut my food consumption ahead of time. In fact, I had 4.5 normal meals the week before I started fasting. 4.5 meals in a week sound unrealistic, isn’t it? Nope. I seldom eat more than 10 meals in a week. So I’m actually cutting 50% of my normal diet. If you have to cut your weekly meals by half, would it be possible? I believe it’s no big deal.

My preparation also included the mental part. To be successful, this is the most important. I kept telling myself, if I can’t control myself for 5 days, how can I control myself for the rest of my life? This feeling is really wonderful. I wanted to do it and I did it. I must say this is truly a good exercise to go through. I usually gather at the office pantry for social talk, but in the fasting week, I didn’t even walk into the pantry. I had a water machine nearby my desk, so drinking was not a problem.

Fasting Process
I drink the lemonade three times a day to replace breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rest of the day, I drink water only. What if I really feel hungry and wanted something to eat? Well, hunger has not been my problem for a long time. This may have set the background for my successful fasting lifestyle. However there had been moments that I really wanted to eat. Once throughout my 5 fasting days, I had a spoonful of the maple syrup which was one of the ingredients of my lemonade drink. Guess what. At that moment, if you ask me what the most delicious food in this world is, I must say ‘maple syrup’. No wonder people with fasting experience will eat respectfully, really enjoy the taste of food and without wasting any food.

Lemonade had no fiber in it. So I had a glass of laxative tea every evening which helped me go to the bathroom easier the next morning. The waste quantity wasn’t much, but very dark in color, much darker than usual. I guess this is normal as I’m cleansing out the stuff that had been clogging on my colon.

The Challenge
It was five years ago when I first encountered a 6-day fasting. Throughout these years, my fasting windows have been 24-hour most of the time and quite often 40-60 hours. However beyond that was a little challenge. Day 3 had been the most difficult. Once I past that, I felt great and much more optimistic. In fact, to enable the process run smoothly, I stayed calm on everything and thus picked the week when my boss was away and business was relatively slow.

Side Effect
Coated tongue – I had this for the first two days. But I know this is a normal side effect of fasting and cleansing, so it didn’t bother me much.

Weight loss – I lost 6 pounds and achieved truly flat ab. To many people this is a positive side effect but for me, not really. In fact I’m quite standard in terms of body weight and shape. I’m now actually a bit underweight.

Daily swimming had been part of my life for many years. I thought I should remain less active during fasting and swap to hula hoop for the first 3 days. However on day 4 I felt really energetic, so I resumed my lunch hour swimming. So as day 5.
WARNING: DO NOT do this if you are fasting for the first time.

Breaking Fast
I break my fast with a bowl of fish and lettuces congee. A 5-day fast is not too long nor short, but still needed some care in breaking fast. Congee made me feel comfortable and prepare my digestive system for a slightly heavier lunch the next day.

NOTE: This is just a report of my mini master cleanse experience. It is not meant to be a proper master cleanse guide. If you are looking to do a full master cleanse, check out Raylen Sterling’s website about Master Cleanse Secrets. You can even subscribe her newsletter. Find out more before kicking start.