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What food does a one-meal person eat?  Well, here comes my food blog.  

The questions I'm being ask most are 'what portion size do you eat' and 'what kind of food do you eat'. My food blog is the best answer to these questions.

When talking about my eating habit, many people wonder how someone can survive with only one meal a day.  Hey, I'm not born that way.  I developed this eating habit after lengthy struggles. You'll find my struggling history in my food blog as well, visit the page 'why I set up this blog'.

Of course I'm not saying that everyone should go fasting, but incorporating some kind of short term fasting will certainly offer health benefits.  

So you bath yourself everyday, you brush your teeth after eating. You eat three meals a day, how do you brush your colon, or better ask, how you do clean your digestive system?  People who can afford the time and money goes on some colon cleansing treatments.  However fasting or short term fasting is the economic version that everyone can do.

Visit my food blog and see how I balance among my favourite foods and meal frequency.

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