Friday, December 24, 2010

Top Tips To Lose Belly Fat

As I lose belly fat significantly, many consult me for tips. Here are my two top tips:

Fasting and Exercising.

Simple enough that everybody knows. But I have some tricks behind. My belly shrank 3 inches by doing these.


To begin with, go on a 3-7 days of water fast or juice fast. This will shrink your belly by about one inch or so. Allow some individual differences. A good start is for sure to encourage your going on. Right? Shift to intermittent fasting (IF) for as long as you are happy with your belly size.

Warning: once you see the IF benefits, you may not want to give up the IF way of eating.

IF Suggestion: skip breakfast and lunch twice a week. I.e. Eat dinner only on two days in a week. No need to fix a date. Do it flexibly in order not to interfere your work/life balance.

Exercising While Fasting

Daily exercise of 30 minutes is a minimum. I have been doing this for many years but still suffering from a big belly. Why? The time to do exercise is important. The trick is to do it without food.

Do exercise as soon as you wake up. This is the best time in a day to exercise and burn fat, for two reasons. One you are calling your stored fat as energy. Two food releases insulin which blunts fat burning. When you wake insulin is at its lowest allowing the most fat to be burnt. If you plan to eat breakfast, eat only one hour after exercising.

Fasting Exercising vs Traditional Wisdom

You may find my suggestions contradict some of the health rules which you might have heard of a million times. Listen, something you think is right and that you’ve been told a million times that it is right, may not be right, or may not be completely right. Check out the term ‘factoid’ and you’ll know.

Eat before and after exercising may be necessary for athletes but definitely not for people looking to lose weight. Breakfast is the single most important meal in a day had no scientific support, so as drinking 8 glasses of water a day. These may only be the bibles of cereals companies and water selling companies. To me, they are factoids.

In fact, there are many factoid strange eating rules promoted by health gurus. I have a short report about the top 12 and how to break them. Email me at annafasting(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)hk
with a headline ’12 Strange Eating Rules’ and I’ll email you a copy.

To lose belly fat or lose weight in general, doing morning exercise without breakfast is a very effective fat burning method. Jogging outside if possible, otherwise same-spot jogging at home is also fine. If it is boring, alternate with hula hoop.

Intermittent Fasting Success - Lose Belly Fat