Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be Active and Eat Well - Your Health Investment

Haven’t talked about my health rules for sometime.  In a nutshell – be active and eat well.

While these are simple rules to know, but to make them work is never easy.  Here are a few tips to share. 

Be Active

I personally do swimming and simple calisthenics.  I encourage workout without weight.  Make things simple and fun.  Do something you enjoy and you’ll simply stay with it. Even walking is a good exercise.  I’ll walk anywhere as far as it is possible.   

No time?  Spend less time watching TV or surfing the web. Go outside to relax your mind and engage your body. You have the time, just need to manage it. 

A simple active lifestyle adds up and you get the benefits from the sum of all the things you do over time.

Eat Well 

This blog is all about how fasting make me feel better and look better.  But I don’t mean everyone should go fasting.  If you eat well and at the same time stay active, you are well qualify to have a healthy life.  Eat more “real foods” cooked at home for you/your family, as a lean and healthy lifestyle really starts there.   As a rule of thumb, eat more vegetables and less meat.

No time?  Well, manage it.  Leave the cell phone and iPods aside and take in the full cooking experience in the kitchen.  Start out by once or twice a week.  Just like many people go fasting by doing it once or twice a week, see the benefits and continue doing it. 

So if you would like to make a little investment for your better health, what would you get for 2013? A friend of mine suggested 30 items.  I’ve short-listed a few for your consideration.
  1. New hiking shoes (or some barefoot style ones to walk in)
  2. Dancing lessons (any kind you like…even “breakdancing”)
  3. Season pass to a local, state or national park
  4. Dog and walking leash
  5. Basketball (headband optional)
  6. Tennis racquet and balls (headband not optional)
  7. Coffee travel mug (to walk with vs sit around inside)
  8. Cooking lessons or cook book
  9. Jump-rope (only get good at stuff you practice)
  10. Juicer (easy way to get in those fruits and vegetables)