Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Eating Two Meals A Day Better Than Six?

Is eating two meals a day healthier or 6 to 10 small meals?

To lose weight, there are two completely contrast approaches. One is fasting, reduce in frequency and quantity of food. One is increased meal frequency such as 6 or more small meals daily, but no reduce in calories. It seems more “health experts” are encouraging people to go for the small meals approach. I doubt how many of them are doing what they encourage others to do.

I’m someone who do what I encourage others to do – fasting for weight loss.
Eating 2 meals a day is in fact one way of intermittent fasting. I have been on this eating style for many years. You may want to hear about how two meals a day contributes to my health and keeping my body weight stable.

Flipping through my food diary, take the first week of April as an example, I had five days on one meal and two days on two meals. For the second week, I had three days on one meal and four days on two meals. I am basically eating everyday with my fasting window ranging from 14 hours to 24 hours and occasionally 30 hours.

Isn’t this meal frequency scary? I don’t think so. Some of my readers had been motivated by me to switch from alternate day fasting to a one-meal or two-meal plan. They like it because they are able to eat their favorite foods everyday.

Who Should Consider Eating 2 Meals A Day?Please understand…I am not saying that you should adapt to this way of eating at all. If I feel I need food…I eat. This way of eating isn't about starving myself and it is out of my natural need for food. Of course this won’t happen overnight. I took some time to build up this eating habit. Please don't eat this way until you have a deep understanding of the diet.

Fact is, if you want to lose weight but are not prepared to change your eating habit in one way or another, your chance of success could be limited.

About Intermittent Fasting and A Two-Meal PlanMy blog is about intermittent fasting and I talk a lot about IF without going detail about the science behind it. Because I’m not a scientific person and generally people tend to lost interest when articles get too technical. Therefore I would like to point to websites that go in depth into the subject of IF. Mike O'Donnell's 2 Meal Solution is one of them.

My suggestion is to go to Mike's site and do some research to see if a 2-meal day makes sense to you. If it does, give it a try…if it looks impossible for you then continue to eat the way you have been eating. Intermittent Fasting works extremely well for a lot of people and has documented health benefits if done properly.

Mike O'Donnell, the Man Behind 2 Meal SolutionMike quitted his well paying corporate job to venture into his passion for wanting to help people get better health and fitness. He has been a certified personal trainer for about a decade. I came to know him because I have been following his blog and learn a lot about IF. He has recently re-designed his outstanding "IF Life" blog and re-named it “2 Meal Solution”. Set a couple hours aside…I’m sure you are going to love his site!

The great thing about Mike is that he provides a staggering amount of free info, such as a free e-course and a free reading of the first 30 pages of his ebook. As a blogger, I know just how much work is involved in writing unique content and answering questions. It is a lot of hard work…and Mike does a fantastic job!

Reading Mike’s site, you’ll be inspired by his real passion in helping others to stay healthy and fit. Personally I’m completely impressed by his mission to provide simple and effective ways to improve our weight loss, fitness, health and lifestyle. Here is his website: 2 Meal Solution

Intermittent Fasting Success - Two Meals A Day

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  1. I am early on in my IF journey, but its blogs like yours, that give me the determination to carry on until I see success with my weight loss. Thank you for taking the time to blog and reach out to us followers.


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