Saturday, February 18, 2012

The IF Life Blog


If you want to explore more about intermittent fasting, here is a blog I strongly recommend: The IF Life blog. Let me emphasis, I only recommend blogs that I personally enjoy reading. Mike O’Donnell’s IF Life blog is one among the top blogs I love. Let me explain why.

First, Mike’s blog is 100% IF focused. It’s full of informative and original content articles all around intermittent fasting. I subscribe his blog through email, but he won’t bombard my mail box. He only sends me email once or twice a week. Unlike other newsletters that I subscribe, Mike never approaches me to sell third party products. And he answers questions promptly. As a blogger myself, I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work and Mike does a very good job.

If you haven’t visited his blog yet, here is the latest article that I received. See if you like it.

By Mike O’Donnell, the IF Life: A while back I came up with a little slogan for the blog as “Eat, Play, Live”. My basic philosophy for nutrition, exercise and getting out to enjoy life. I’ve now come across a series of cool videos that are along the same lines of thinking.

Their message is “Eat, Move, Learn”, and here’s my little additional thoughts on them.

Eat less, enjoy more. Eat meals. Don’t snack. Eat good real foods and natural flavors. Try local cuisines. Experiment cooking new recipes. Enjoy what you eat and the company you are with. Don’t make eating mindless (snacking), make it meaningful.

Move more. Move your body as exercise and be strong in your movements. Move in nature. The world is your gym. Move about, not just “travel”. Take time to really see where you are and experience nature/people/culture around you. Stop being in such a rush, life is not a race. You don’t have to travel the globe to be out among natural wonders around you.

Learn and try new things. Enjoy a hobby that you are passionate about. Try a new sport. Overcome your fears. Question everything you hear. Make life about purpose and become a curious student of the universe. There are so many things out there to explore. Most importantly learn that you only have the time that is right now, and get on with living in it!

So here are the 3 videos below (if you can not see the videos,
click here for the original article page). I hope you enjoy them as well!