Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Health Benefits of Fasting

My fasting program started March 11, 2006. The first week was juice fasting, followed by intermittent fasting through now.

I must emphasis that I don’t fast to lose weight, I am fasting for health. However weight loss, detox and cleanse come naturally. I lost six pounds in the first week and a total of 18 pounds in the next six months. My body weight had been stable since then.

About the health benefits of fasting, you might wonder if someone on long term restricted diet is really healthy. Here is a summary of my current health condition. See if you think I’m healthy enough. From top down:

Thinning Hair
This problem isn’t so bad that I can still put up with. However comparing with 15 years ago, I might have lost 50% of my hair. Shampoo – no loyalty. Currently using Aisence which seems to have reduced the number of my daily hair loss.

Skin Condition
Excellent. Skin care products - have been loyal user of Shiseido for 30 years. Currently using their Revital line.

Neck and Shoulder Pain – since 1999
This is a problem really bothering me. I have tried numerous treatments without much success. As for my age, I'm afraid I can't get rid of it. Have to see my physiotherapist occasionally.

Digestive Problem – since 1989
Overcome by practicing intermittent fasting. This blog is to report my success story.

Leg and Foot Pain – since 1987
Overcome by acupuncture. However I have to give up my favourite high heels and cannot do exercises that are demanding on leg and foot motions.

Sick Leave History
I have taken a total of five days off in my previous job’s eight-year tenure. I have no sick leave record in my current job’s three-year tenure. My last time seeking medical consultation was May 2009.

While some of my younger colleagues take five days of sick leave every month, I have taken five days of sick leave in altogether 11 years of time. If this can be a health index, my number is a distinction. Of course this is not a result of fasting only. I have other health secrets. Subscribe my blog if you want to find that out and to follow up on my fasting success.

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My Current Health Condition
Intermittent Fasting Success Report

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