Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Crazy Fasting Lifestyle

Talking about fasting and workout, I’m extremely disciplined on weekdays and quite messy and unorganized over weekends and holidays.

Over the Easter long weekend, I have been eating madly. Moreover I gave up my daily calisthenics and swimming session. Actually over the past many years, fasting and workout follow me on my work days and not on holidays (except long holidays). Nevertheless, as far as fasting or intermittent fasting and workout remain part of my life, I’m fine.

My Easter German buffet. I love knuckles and sausages.
I eat madly but have no worries on my body weight.

I gained a couple of pounds over the Easter weekend’s crazy eating. However when I resume my fasting, my body weight drops and go back to normal in two days. That’s why I keep saying that ‘fasting is the best, cheapest and fastest way to lose weight’.

For beginners, you might feel stress about eating. Me too. At the beginning, I was thinking once I’m overloaded with food, I’m over. Experience told me ‘no’. As far as I keep my 24-hour fasting window for three to four times a week, I’m always fine – feel good and look good. Even after my crazy Easter weekend, I took only two days to resume my normal weight.

For those who’ve never fasted, may wonder why you fast and how you fast safely, perhaps having heard and/or read a little about the benefits of doing a short fast or long fast, juice fast or water fast. As with everything in life, it's worthwhile listening to people with relevant experience. I’m not a master or expert in health, but I’m someone with the experience of fasting to share.

Scientific Fasting has never been taught in any medical schools. However if you would like to read more on the topic, Brad Pilon has written an ebook Eat Stop Eat which describes the scientific approach of how and why fasting and intermittent fasting benefit our health.

Intermittent Fasting Success - Weight Loss

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